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Video Productions


10 scripts…10 weeks…1 winner!

1 Explosive new TV series! 

Pilot Season is a dynamic and revolutionary new reality TV series based on the frenetic and competitive time in Hollywood when prominent producers, reputable writers, and experienced directors showcase their wares for TV network executives, with each "player" hoping for the next hit TV series.

 Not only will Pilot Season give audiences access to all the behind the scenes drama of what it takes to produce a TV series – which in many cases is as entertaining as the TV show itself – but most importantly, it will give the audience the power to choose which pilot episode will qualify for a full season.

The challenge for the contestants is two-fold: firstly, they will have to produce – within a specified budget and schedule – an entertaining, engaging, thought-provoking and high-concept TV pilot; and secondly, to actively market and promote their pilot episode to target audiences. 

Breathe is an exciting 13-part travel odyssey featuring some of the most breathtaking and exotic dive sites along the Southern African coastline from Mozambique to KwaZulu Natal.
The series will introduce us to weird and wonderful people – some really interesting characters who have given up their 9 - 5 jobs to be close to the ocean.
Breathe will also be highlighting major environmental issues that bring to light the essential maintenance of our marine life, illustrating what divers and dive concessions are doing to protect our reefs.


Genre: Psychological Thriller

After heavyweight boxing champion, Gary Charmer, throws a fight to rescue his uncle from gambling debts, he wakes up in a derelict hospital only to learn that he’s been in a coma following an attack by a Rinkhals Cobra which had also killed his wife. Unable to resurrect his career, Gary gets sucked into the sordid underbelly of bare-knuckle cage fighting, all while trying to find answers to the bizarre twist of events that have forever changed his life and cost him everything he loves.


Genre: Action Thriller

Disillusioned former soldier, Mike Harding, is desperate for money and accepts a job to secure an illicit diamond deal in war-torn Sierra Leone. But not long after his arrival in the country’s capital - the rebel occupied Freetown - he soon realizes that this seemingly simple job is actually a suicide mission, and even his own men now pose the greatest threat to him.
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